Prepared for culture breed dairy cattle, you, the breeders, It is an excellent product that helps you earn more.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • İpek Eksport Fattening is a high energy fattening feed.

    • Balanced by protein, vitamin and mineral substances.

    • It is produced in powder, granule and pellet forms.

    • It is a rich feed with high quality raw materials (corn, corn bran, soybean meal).

    • It provides the fastest carcass yield in a short time. (Short-term fattening programs should be preferred.)

    • İpek Eksport Fattening provides a high level of live weight gain with rapid growth.

    • Thanks to its balanced vitamin and mineral content, it minimizes the risks of diseases that may occur.

    • Nutrient digestibility is easy due to the high quality raw material content.

    • İpek Eksport Fattening is used especially in the feeding of culture breed beef cattle.

    • İpek Eksport Fattening Feed can be used especially in short-term fattening programs (3-6 months) from the beginning of fattening to the end of fattening.

    • İpek Eksport Fattening Feed should be given to the fattening animals gradually, by getting used to it.

    • At the beginning of fattening, İpek Eksport Feed should be given in 2 equal portions, 2 times a day.

    • There is absolutely no need to give the animals additional barley crushed together with İpek Eksport Fattening feed. This situation may cause serious digestive disorders in animals in a short-term fattening program.

    • İpek Eksport Livestock feed provides a balanced growth when it is fed with alternative roughage (corn silage, straw) in the table below prepared with scientific studies, taking into account the average daily 1400 grams of live weight gain.