It can be used from the beginning of fattening to the end of fattening; It is a product that provides rapid growth by meeting the protein, energy, vitamin and mineral requirements of animals.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • İpek Active Fattening Feed is a high protein fattening feed.

    • Balanced with protein, vitamins and minerals.

    • It is produced in pellet and granule forms.

    • It has a delicious and appetizing feature.

    • It provides an excellent carcass yield.

    • İpek Active Fattening Feed provides more live weight gain economically if it is given in sufficient quantities.

    • It ensures that animals are healthier and more profit from fattening.

    • It is easily digestible thanks to the raw materials it contains.

    • It has high fattening performance and provides superior carcass quality.

    • It can be used in the period from the beginning of the fattening to the end of the fattening cattle.

    • It should be given to animals by getting used to it gradually.

    • İpek Active Fattening Feed, especially when given with barley paste, should be divided into at least 2 meals.

    • İpek Active Fattening Feed is prepared with scientific studies, taking into account the daily average 1200 g live weight gain, as shown in the table below. Provides balanced growth if given with alternative roughages (corn silage, straw, alfalfa) and barley paste.