In the dry periods of dairy cattle, you valuable to a healthy birth and available to breeders that helps prepare the animals for the milking period. is the product.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • Balanced with energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.

    • It is produced in powder, granule and pellet forms.

    • It should be fed to cows only in the dry period.

    • Vitamins and supplements to ensure healthy calf birth. balanced by minerals.

    • Depending on nutrition, especially "milk fever" prevent metabolic diseases.

    • Prepares pregnant cows for the upcoming milking period.

    • To prevent the occurrence of "milk fever" in animals balanced by mineral substances.

    • Silk Dry Period Feed ends in dairy cattle following the milking period, which is approaching the milking period. 60-day dry period to prepare the animal is used in.

    • Silk Dry Period Feed, for the upcoming milking period. high efficiency and a healthy animal It is extremely important in terms of milk production.

    • In this period, especially high-energy corn silage and additional grain crushing in terms of animal health should not be fed.

    • In particular, excess energy reinforcement, instead of benefit, approaching threatening animal health during the milking period and to ensure that milk yield is at the desired level. harmful in terms of inhibition.

    • Overfeeding causes fattening in animals. not to keep offspring in the future causes problems. So high energy good quality in the dry period instead of feeding the feed roughage is recommended.

    • Silk Dry Season Feed, with existing roughages (dry grass, straw) together to a cow weighing 600 kg, The table below prepared by scientific studies milking, when fed in line with the given alternatives a safe and healthy transition between periods is provided.


    1. Breast after intense lactation performance It helps the tissue to rest.

    2. Higher milk in the next milking period leads to efficiency.

    3. In the womb at the time of the upcoming birth It helps the calf to develop better.

    4. Possible body to be formed after birth Helps minimize fitness losses It is possible.

    5. Towards the end of the dry period (2-3 weeks from birth before) the amount of concentrated feed in cows is gradually should be increased.


    1. Ration, protein, energy, cellulose, vitamins and minerals must be balanced.

    2. Dry cows should have a walking area and should be provided.

    3. Dry cows are fatter than lactating cows should not be.

    4. They eat grains until fifteen days before birth should be restricted, but again fifteen days before birth should be given gradually.

    5. Dry grass should be given, silage should not be given.

    6. Balance of forage concentrate in total ration must be provided.

    7. After the peak of lactation and pregnancy concentrated feed should be reduced after the formation of cows obesity should be avoided.

    8. Drying period of cows is normally 50-70 day. Be careful not to have a long dry period. should be done.