It is an excellent product prepared for culture breed dairy cattle with high milk yield, enabling you, the breeder, to earn more.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • It is a feed rich in protein and energy.

    • The high by-pass rate coming from quality protein sources makes İpek Gold preferable.

    • It is produced in powder, granule and pellet forms.

    • İpek Gold provides high milk yield in the period following the birth of the cows until the middle of the location where the milk yield reaches its maximum.

    • İpek Gold increases the quality and yield of milk, especially milk protein.

    • It provides a profitable livestock by increasing the total milk yield in the health period. It meets the nutritional requirements of dairy cows.

    • Increases fertility with its high energy level and organic origin vitamin and mineral mixture.

    • The secret of getting maximum efficiency from İpek Gold is provided by giving it to animals with high milk yield, in the right amounts, at the right time.

    • Use until the first 150th day of the milking period provides a noticeable increase in the current milk yield. Seeing the first heat after birth and procreation It also helps with retention.

    • İpek Gold must be used in culture breed cows with superior milk yield. (Minimum 20 kg and more milk cows) İpek Gold must have superior properties. rough food should be given.

    • In addition to Silk Gold in the rations, cracking barley etc. No feeding options are required. This situation not only threatens animal health, but also has a great impact on yield. does not contribute.

    • Feeding with the following nutrition program, which has been prepared in line with scientific studies, will increase milk yield and provide a profitable livestock breeding. will help you do