It is a special product prepared using easily digestible, high quality raw materials with added vitamins and minerals to ensure rapid growth.

More About the Product

50 KG

    İpek Calf Starter Feed is balanced with protein, energy, vitamins and minerals.
    • It has a delicious and appetizing feature.
    • It is produced in pellet form.

    İpek Calf Starter Feed provides rapid body weight gain.
    • It prevents calves from diarrhea.
    • It increases the use of feed by accelerating the development of the rumen.
    • Since high quality and hygienic raw materials are used, it is ensured that the immune system is strong.
    • It is supported with additives that increase resistance against possible digestive system diseases and help rumen development.

    İpek Calf Starter Feed should be used after the 2nd and 3rd weeks following the birth.
    • In the first week following the calf's birth, 3-4 liters of colostrum daily should be given in equal amounts in 2 or 3 meals a day.
    • Calves should be given colostrum and normal milk with a bottle, provided that each calf is separate. This is beneficial for the sucking reflex of the calf and the functioning of the digestive system. Using the same bottle for all calves is risky for the spread of diseases. Bottles should be cleaned in hot water and disinfecting agents after each feeding.
    • Starting from the 2nd week, in addition to 3-4 liters of normal breast milk daily, 1 - 1.5 kg of İpek Calf Starter Feed should be kept in front of the animal. However, this amount should be adjusted according to the consumption of the animal in 3 portions of 500 g.
    • Normal breast milk consumption starting from the 2nd week,
    • It should be reduced to 3 liters per day in the 3rd week and to 2 liters in the 4th week.
    • Beginning from the 6th week of calves, high quality dried alfalfa grass should be available in free options. Although this period may seem early, it is very important for the development of the rumen.
    • Fresh water should always be available in the free option in front of the calves.