Progressive lactation after the first birth of heifers You who want to buy more milk during your periods It is an excellent product prepared for growers. This feed accelerates the growth of developing heifers and thus saves time for growers.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • It has balanced protein and high energy.

    • Balanced by vitamins and minerals.

    • It is produced in powder, granule and pellet forms.

    • Silk Heifer Feed provides maximum growth in periods starting from 8 months and continuing up to 24 months.

    • Feeding this feed during balanced growth periods (average 600 g body weight per day) starting with 200 kg body weight and ending at 500 kg body weight is a useful practice for mammary development and upcoming pregnancy.

    • It minimizes metabolic disturbances that can be seen during and after birth.

    • Other than Silk Heifer Feed, extra grains to be fed should not be preferred as they will cause excessive lubrication, although it seems to accelerate the development of the heifer.

    • Although this practice seems like an increase in body development, it overshadows the development of the actual breast tissue.

    • This situation causes the performance of the upcoming milking period to be insufficient.


    If very good quality roughage is available, heifers over one year old can even be fed with roughage alone. In addition, licking stones containing calcium, phosphorus and minerals should always be kept in front of them. Heifers should gain 700-800 g of weight gain per day during this period. In order for heifers to be used in the first mating at the 15th month, it should be aimed to reach a weight of 350 kg at this age. If the growth is not sufficient, some compound feed is given. Heifers with energy, phosphorus and vitamin A deficiency do not show signs of heat. For heifers, leguminous or legume-grain mixed hays are an excellent source of roughage. Especially early mowed grass has higher nutrient content than late mown grass. Corn silage is a good source of roughage for heifers over one year old. However, it should not be given to heifers without limits. Excess energy causes them to be fat.

    Fertility of Heifers

    Maximum fertility performance in heifers is as follows: It should be considered according to 2 criteria; 1 year; 15 months old for heifers to be used in breeding They are asked to come to the period. Anger at younger ages Although the skeletal system and breast tissue are not fully Since it does not develop, it should never be seeded. 2. Live weight; for heifers to be used for breeding for the first time have reached at least 70% of their adult body weight must. This is an average of 400 kg. evolution to live weight is doing.