It is a delicious and vitamin-rich dairy feed that can be used easily during the whole milking period in medium and high-yielding dairy cattle, increasing milk yield.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • It is a product balanced with nutrients.

    • It is produced in powder, granule and pellet forms.

    • It is made of protein-rich, delicious and highly digestible raw materials.

    • Increases milk yield by meeting the nutritional needs of dairy cows.

    • By increasing the reproductive efficiency, it provides a profitable livestock for you, the breeders.

    • It increases the quality of milk, especially its protein and dry matter.

    • It is recommended to use İpek Perfect Dairy Feed in dairy cattle in the first (0-120 days) and mostly in the second period (100-240 days) of the milking period.

    • İpek Perfect Dairy Feed can also be given to animals at the end of the milking period.

    • In addition to İpek Perfect Dairy Feed, animals should never be given additionally crushed grains (barley, wheat). As this situation threatens animal health, it does not have an additional contribution to yield.

    • İpek Perfect Dairy Feed is given to animals with medium and high milk yield, together with quality roughage and straw. Considering the table, an excellent result for animal health is ensured.