It is used in the feeding of layer hens starting to lay eggs until the 40th week.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • İpek Yem Traveling Chicken Egg Feed is balanced in terms of energy, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

    • It is produced in powder, pellet and granule form.

    • Calcium/Phosphorus balance is ideal.

    • Additive that gives yellow color to the egg has been added.

    • İpek Yem Traveling Chicken Egg Feed ensures that animals stay at a high level of egg production for a long time.

    • It ensures the production of large and high quality eggs.

    • It is easily digestible and economical.

    •It prevents feed wastage as it is easy to use.

    • It is a feed used for laying animals until they are slaughtered.

    • Feed and clean water should be available in front of the animals.

    • Vaccination programs of animals should be done under the control of veterinarians.