It is used in the feeding of layer chicks in the period from hatching to the end of the 6th week.

More About the Product

50 KG

    •It is balanced with protein, energy, vitamins and minerals necessary for egg type chicks to start a healthy life.

    • It is produced in powder, granule and pellet forms.

    • It accelerates the growth of egg chicks.

    • Silk Egg Chick Feed increases productivity and reduces mortality.

    • It ensures healthy growth of animals in a short time.

    • Prevents coccidiosis, reduces the risk of death.

    • It provides early development by increasing the use of feed.

    • It prevents feed wastage as it is easy to use.

    • Egg type chicks should be placed in houses where the number of feeders and drinkers is regular with appropriate heat and sufficient lighting.

    • Vaccination programs of animals should be made in line with the recommendations of veterinarians.

    • It is recommended to give a minimum of 900 g of feed per chick for 6 weeks.

    • Silk Egg Chick Feed should always be kept with clean water in front of the chicks.

    Successful laying starts with the supply of healthy chicks. chicks; It should be obtained from the hatcheries of reliable, licensed and certified breeding establishments by the Ministry of Agriculture.