It is used in the feeding of layer hens starting to lay eggs until the 40th week.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • İpek Egg Chicken Feed is balanced in terms of energy, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. 

    • It is produced in powder, pellet and granule form. 

    • Calcium/Phosphorus balance is ideal. 

    • Additive that gives yellow color to the egg has been added.

    • İpek Egg Chicken Feed ensures that animals stay at a high level of egg production for a long time.

    • It ensures the production of large and high quality eggs.

    • It is easily digestible and economical.

    • It prevents feed wastage as it is easy to use.

    • It is a feed used for laying animals until they are slaughtered.

    • Feed and clean water should be available in front of the animals.

    • Vaccination programs of animals should be done under the control of veterinarians.

    Cannibalism is a bad habit seen among chicks, broilers and hens of all ages and that breeders can never neglect. Because, animals in this situation cause serious injuries by pecking each other's cloaca (back) or the abdomen just below the cloaca, their heads, fingers, wings and tails.
    The main causes of cannibalism are:
    1- Inadequate feeders, drinkers and nest boxes,
    2- The feed is completely deficient or insufficient in terms of protein and essential amino acids,
    3- Putting more animals than normal in the unit area,
    4- Irritability and excessive excitement,
    5- Extreme temperature,
    6- Excessive lighting,
    7- Injured and disabled animals should not be separated from the herd,
    8- Backs of some chickens are thrown out (prolapse),
    9- All kinds of stress situations,
    10- Having an animal that resists laying eggs on the ground instead of a nest,
    11- If the nests are too bright,
    12- Leaving animals hungry or dehydrated,
    13- Harm or injuries during mating,
    14- Wounds caused by external parasites,
    15- Keeping animals of different ages, races and colors together.