An excellent fattening used in the feeding of the full-bodied is the food.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • Since it is rich in energy, vitamins and minerals, it does not require you to give an additional feed.

    • İpek Toklu Fattening Feed is produced in powder and pellet form.

    • It is produced especially from high-energy raw materials.

    • This feed ensures earlier development of fatteners and maximum profitability.

    • It provides superior carcass quality by increasing the use of feed.

    • It provides a superior feed consumption thanks to the delicious raw materials added to it.

    • Increases fattening performance and shortens fattening time with its high energy content.

    • It is used in the feeding of full-bodied people from 5-6 months to the 12th month.

    • During the fattening period (3-4 months), which starts from 20 kg live weight on average and lasts up to 50-60 kg live weight, daily With its 300-350 grams of live weight increase, it provides an excellent fattening performance in full-bodied animals.

    • It is recommended to give between 1.5-2.5 kg of İpek Toklu Fattening Feed per day, within the aforementioned fattening periods.

    • However, it should not be forgotten that full-bodied fattening feed should be given by getting used to. The amount of feed should be started little by little and then gradually increased within 15 days. This increase should be in the form of daily average increases of 200-250 g.

    • Along with these amounts, free choice hay or corn silage is recommended as an alternative roughage. In cases where straw is the only roughage, İpek Toklu Fattening Feed can be used in the same amounts.

    • The aforementioned amounts must be divided into 2 portions and fed following the end of each portion. Overfeeding may increase rumen acidity and lead to cessation of feed, as well as cause death of the animal.