It is a product balanced in terms of vitamins and minerals, prepared to ensure earlier and healthier development of newborn lambs after weaning.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • Balanced with protein, vitamins and minerals.

    • It is prepared using delicious and highly digestible raw materials.

    • The feeds are prepared in pellet form and it is a preferred product thanks to the corn cracked, corn bran, soybean meal and molasses it contains.

    • İpek Lamb Grower Feed provides a profitable livestock breeding by providing high live weight gain.

    • Thanks to the balanced minerals in it, it minimizes the risk of urinary tract stones.

    • It prevents the formation of white muscle disease.

    • It provides a good fleece (wool) yield.

    • Increases feed utilization by providing rumen development.

    • After feeding with İpek Lamb Grower Feed, colostrum, normal breast milk and milk replacer, it can be started to be fed from 3 weeks.

    • If İpek Lamb Raising Feed is not started from the 3rd week, the fattening performance of the lambs in the future will be affected, causing the lambs at the age of 2 months to be 2-3 kg lighter than their normal peers.

    • In some lambs, starting Silk Lamb Raising Feed may be on the 10th day after birth.

    • Care should be taken not to give large amounts of Silk Lamb Grower Feed to the lambs. Despite digestive disorders and not eating feed, it should be taken for 2 or 3 meals a day. Shared feeding is preferred.

    • Extra, crushed grains or mineral additives to be given in addition to Silk Lamb Raising Feed are objectionable due to the risk of stone formation in the urinary tract of male lambs.

    • Lambs average 15-20 kg. When it reaches live weight (after 7-8 weeks), Silk Lamb Raising Feed should be discontinued,

    • Silk Lamb Raising Feed should be passed.

    • Lambs should be vaccinated twice against Enterotoxomy disease in the mentioned periods (up to 8 weeks and especially during feed changes).