It is a feed prepared to meet the needs of newborn lambs from the first three days of colostrum until they are weaned.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • It is a factory feed balanced with energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

    • It is produced from delicious and highly digestible raw materials.

    • Since the feeds are made in pellet form, they are easy to digest.

    • Homogeneously mixed. It is delicious and appetizing.

    • Silk Lamb Starter Feed provides rapid body weight gain.

    • It supports the development of micro connecting rods and papillae of the rumen, and prevents bacterial diarrhea with natural additives.

    • Necessary additives have been added to prevent the formation of urinary tract stones.

    • It provides a balanced skeletal and muscle development as well as rapid growth. It prevents the formation of metabolic diseases such as white muscle disease and enzootic ataxia.

    • It supports the structural development of the rumen by providing a transition to roughage in a short time.

    • Only colostrum is given for the first 3 days

    . • Until the 15th day, they should be kept together with the mother for 24 hours to ensure that they constantly drink milk and get used to eating.

    • If the sheep have grazed, it should be ensured that these lambs get enough milk from their mothers during the day, From the beginning of the third week, provided that they are constantly in front of them during the day.

    • Feeding is started by giving approximately 50 g of Silk Lamb Starter Feed per day and the animals are constantly given clean water.

    • Free feeding is started by increasing it in a few days. • Along with free feeding, milk is given to the lambs in the morning and evening. These lambs, which are milked twice a day, are not given roughage.

    • Lambs should be weaned when they are 42-49 days old or when they reach 10-12 kg body weight.

    • The recommended amount should be increased gradually; Because when the lambs are 42 days old, they should be able to consume approximately 750-800 grams per day.

    • The amount of feed to be given daily should be divided into 2-3 and thus it should be ensured that the feed is always fresh.

    • Make sure the feeders are clean and all feed is gone before feeding new feed. should be. They are allowed to consume free water during the day.

    • After weaning (from the beginning of the 7th week), a gradual transition from Lamb Starter Feed to Lamb Grower Feed should be made.

    • Make sure that the drinking water is not too hot during the summer and not too cold during the winter. Because this will reduce the amount of water consumption of lambs and cause kidney stone problems.