It is an excellent product that contains the nutrients that dairy sheep with superior genetic characteristics need in order to grow economically and healthily.

More About the Product

50 KG

    • It is balanced in terms of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals.

    • It is produced in pellet and powder forms.

    • It is rich in easily digestible raw materials.

    • It has a feature that increases milk yield in sheep.

    • İpek Sheep Milk Feed ensures healthy birth and growth of lambs in pregnant sheep.

    • İpek Sheep Dairy Feed provides maximum efficiency during the milk yield period.

    • A sheep with an average body weight of 60 kg should consume approximately 1.5-2 kg of feed (roughage + factory feed) daily in the first 4 months of pregnancy.

    • This amount should be 2-2.5 kg per day in the last 1 month of pregnancy.

    • For sheep in the milking period, this amount should be 3-4 kg per day in line with different milk yields.

    • Water consumption in sheep is practically 2-3 times the daily feed consumption. For example, water consumption in a sheep during the milking period should be 8-10 liters.

    • İpek Sheep Dairy Feed, prepared with scientific studies, together with the roughage options given in the table below, in the specified periods and quantities. When given, maximum milk yield is provided.